• 14% of all first time Product Service deliveries failed
  • Value added services are not communicated to Finance and therefore are not charged to the customer
  • High customer dissatisfaction
  • Client tries to be all things to all customer, no standard service offerings
  • Product / Service Deliveries: 32,382 at £29.86 per move


  • Implemented a reverse logistics and disposal program that eliminated over $40 million in excess inventory
  •  Created a cross functional “IS” map to illustrate how process currently works
  • Developed and implemented “Quick Win” strategy
  • Developed “To Be” design from Benchmarking / Best Practices study with process measures and accountabilities
  • Developed Return On Investment analysis on all process improvement recommendations including systems
  • Developed Implementation Transition and Change Management Plan
  • Implemented KPIs for installers and formal customer feedback programs to ensure lessons learned were immediately captured for installer management and corporate process improvement


  • Improved Product / Service Deliveries by 69% to 54,936
  • Reduced cost per move by 14% to £25.64
  • % of complaints and claims received against orders dispatched reduced to 0.21% and 0.607% respectively
  • Reduced total amount spent per complaint and claim to £55.71 and £23.86 respectively