PAI Purnell Associates International


An Integrated Solutions Practitioner Group with over 25 years experience in several diverse industries.


Innovative Ideas, Practical Solutions

Purnell Associates International, LLC is an Integrated Solutions Services and Training Group. Our Services include Organization Development, Supply Chain Management, Strategic Business Performance Improvement, Strategic Sourcing Management, and Construction & Environmental Engineering Design. PAI Services achieve cost savings, improve productivity, reduce cycle time, and significantly enhance bottom-line results. We strive to improve how we operate by accomplishing our customer’s expectations, maintaining high level integrity and professionalism, and following the philosophy that we are partners throughout the engagement.

The depth of our knowledge, the range of our experience, and high quality of resources uniquely enables us to significantly impact business performance in many critical and challenging areas. The challenges addressed will increase market share, productivity, and eliminate waste while ensuring regulatory compliance. The end result will drive increase shareholder value, customer satisfaction, and enhance employee satisfaction. We have worked for major companies both locally and internationally in most areas of management.

Our clients include both public and private sector organizations and span a wide variety of industries. One of our unique strengths is the exceptional depth of practical, hands-on, experience enjoyed by our consultants/trainers, and which we are able to bear on any client problem. In addition, our local expertise is enhanced by a wide range of international links with a carefully chosen network of leading academics, consultants and institutions around the world. Our company is dedicated to searching for and achieving standards of professional excellence that assist our clients in producing effective results. This places a requirement on PAI to consistently strive to incorporate evolving innovations while focusing on responsiveness to client needs. It is a challenge which we take pride in meeting.


PAI provides innovative and practical integrated solutions and training services that improve productivity, cycle time, reduce cost, and enhance leadership, organizational capacity, and manage change. We believe and know our first responsibility is to customers who use our services. We continually strive to improve how we operate our day-to-day business as we:

  • Accomplish customer’s expectations and results.
  • Follow the philosophy that our customers are partners.
  • Treat our practitioners with respect and professionalism.
  • Continually be considered an asset within our community.

Through a long-term commitment to our mission, we will always be known as a consulting and training organization that develops partnerships and achieves results.