PAI Purnell Associates International


An Integrated Solutions Practitioner Group with over 25 years experience in several diverse industries.

Organizational Services

Innovative Ideas, Practical Solutions

PAI provides innovative and practical Organization Development Consulting Services that drives team performance, improves leadership capabilities, enhances organizational capacity, and manages change.

Leadership and Management Development

A focused effort to provide leaders and emerging leaders with the capabilities to inspire and empower the organization. PAI provides leadership and management assessments, facilitation and training.

Executive Coaching

PAI provides ongoing professional relationship with its customers that helps them produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers and organizations.

Strategic Business Performance Improvement

Strategic Business Performance Improvement is a systematic process to improve business results by identifying and eliminating variability and waste, utilizes Value Stream and Cross-Functional Relationship Mapping tools and techniques to identify projects, uses Proven Methodologies that attack process variability to eliminate defects, emphasis on Best in Class Practices for VOC, VOP, and VOE, and Transforms processes to deliver customer value faster, improve work flow, impact cash flow, and reduce non-value added task. Our objective is to focus on the following:

  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve service quality
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Increase productivity
  • Eliminate waste/inefficiency
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

We assist companies in realizing their full potential by providing both Lean  Enterprise and Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering, and Change Management Consulting that is practical and doable. We deliver solutions that will optimize your processes and people so that you reach your desired business goals. Our consultants work collaboratively with management to understand your key business challenges, evaluate potential courses of action, create a detailed plan of improvement, and support management through execution.

Our methods are based on Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma but are focused on using the tools that are appropriate for your business and your time line. We simplify and demystify process improvement methodologies to insure execution and results. Through a results oriented assessment methodology, we identify and determine tangible opportunities to achieve operational excellence, from small-scale changes to larger company wide process improvement. Our Strategic Business Performance Improvement Consulting is based on seven critical elements:

  • Strategic Assessment identifies your goals and objectives; defines current business processes, and highlights your needs and areas to improve
  • Analysis reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of your current business processes and operational performance issues
  • Improvement Solutions design new more efficient business processes and strategies and present implementation recommendations
  • Technology Support defines required technology upgrades or changes necessary to implement the new processes and approaches
  • Change Management Support provides guidance on managing the impact of change and easing the transition to new processes
  • Operational Performance Support designs and delivers education to support employees impacted by the change
  • Sustainable Improvement provides recommendations for ensuring new processes are followed and for continuous improvement

Strategic Sourcing Management

Strategic Sourcing Management is a structured approach to the procurement of goods and services which seeks to radically improve the benefits for the organization by applying best practice tools and techniques in the development and implementation of an integrated sourcing business strategy.

Our Strategic Sourcing Management Program includes the phases of the process are:

  • Phase 1Project Kick-off Cross-functional teams are formed, governance agreed and stakeholders engaged. The team is introduced to and educated in the use of appropriate tools and processes.
  • Phase 2 Current Situation Analysis and Definition To include defining categories, collecting and analyzing spend data and validating the opportunities found. We also identify Quick Win opportunities, which we focus on to deliver immediate savings and start to deliver early benefits from the process.
  • Phase 3Strategy Creation With the information gathered in the previous stage the procurement strategy is created. This is a crucially important step in the process as it will form the basis for the savings generation work as well as providing the first step on the ladder to self sustainability.
  • Phase 4Strategy Implementation A very detailed implementation plan is developed to deploy the agreed strategy. Program management is a critical factor in this phase, to ensure work is completed on time and deliverables are realized. Advanced saving tracking processes are employed to ensure that the benefits are real and achieved.
  • Phase 5Supply Development and Continuous Improvement Emphasis shifts from “cost down” through “cost out” to “value up”. Some of the service offerings employed in this stage include Supplier Management, Supply Management and Specification Management; all take the process to the next level, which over time will lead to breakthrough strategies building upon earlier savings.

Sustainable procurement is the ultimate goal and to achieve this, the process continues. By following the Sourcing Management Process, savings are immediately apparent in the form of lower invoiced prices from suppliers and can be tracked all the way to the bottom line delivering a fast, high ROI.

PAI has worked with businesses across many sectors and countries to introduce and implement the Sourcing Management process using cross-functional teams and engaging stakeholders to ensure savings flow through to the bottom line. If you would like to learn more about the work we have done in this area some typical case studies provided.

Benefits derived through the use of sourcing management analytical tools and techniques:

  • Breakthrough savings, typically 15-30% delivery
  • Significant improvement in company profitability
  • Robust process using structured tools and techniques
  • Cross business approach
  • Raises profile and competency of procurement across the business
  • Very effective use of resources – high payback ratio
  • Stakeholder buy into results
  • Delivers world class procurement solutions
  • Use of best of breed eProcurement tools ensures faster delivery of savings

Change Management

PAI addresses the organizational environment that leaders face during transitions such as reorganization, mergers and acquisitions.

Supply Chain Management

We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in any of the following functions, or to help you effectively manage the entire supply chain. Specific services that we offer include:

  • Supply Chain Visioning and Strategy. We help you answer these questions: How can better supply chain management impact our bottom line? How will each improvement positively impact the business as a whole? We begin with the end in mind and ensure that your overall business objectives are being properly supported by the supply chain.
  • Supply Chain Planning and Execution. We help you plot who is responsible for each aspect of the supply chain in order to make your improvement goals happen. We give you the best tactical solutions to implement.
  • Competitive Benchmarking. We offer you a vision for success by comparing your supply chain measurements to others in – and outside of – your industry. We find out how you compare, so that we know where to focus in bringing a competitive advantage to you through supply chain improvements.
  • Network Modeling. From buying and making goods, to distributing and selling them, we help you achieve customer intimacy by figuring out the best locations for your supply base.
  • Process Modeling. We study your current supply chain model and tell you where duplicity and waste can be eliminated. We work with you to streamline your supply chain operation to bring savings to your company’s bottom line.
  • Performance Measurement. We identify the best tracking methodology for your supply chain, and use it to recommend changes – some incremental and some widespread – for continuous improvement.